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The Gendering of Objects, Environments and Smart Materials

Sarah Kember
(Palgrave Macmillan 2015)

This is a short format, provocative intervention that combines the conventions of the monograph, manifesto and novel in order to retell smoke and mirror tales about intelligent, invisible, information infrastructures.
The book asks what queer feminist writing strategies such as parody and irony can do to outsmart the sexism of smart objects, environments and materials and open out the new dialecticism of structure and scale, critique and creativity? Drawing on science and technology studies and feminist theory, this book examines the gendering of current and future media technologies such as smart phones, Google glass, robot nurses, tablets and face recognition. Kember argues that there is a tendency to affirm and celebrate the existence of smart and often sexist objects, environments and materials in themselves; to elide writing and other forms of mediation; and to engage in disembodied knowledge practices. Disembodied knowledge practices tend towards a scientism that currently includes physics envy and are also masculinist. Where there is some degree of convergence between masculinist and feminist thinking about objects, environments and materials, there is also divergence, conflict and the possible opening towards a politics of imedia. Presenting a lively manifesto for refiguring imedia, this book forms an often neglected gender critique of developments in smart technologies and will be essential reading for scholars in Communication Studies, Cultural and Media, Science and Technology and Feminism

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Forthcoming Talks

London Book Fair

The Making of a Modern UP: Launch Lessons from Goldsmiths Press
13 April 2016 16.00-17.00

Inaugural lecture
Why Publish? The politics of communication in perishing times
April 26
Goldsmiths, University of London
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The bookseller
Growing for Goldsmiths
Interview by Benedicte Page, The Bookseller
March 1, 2016
The Bookseller

2015 Interview for The Atlantic ‘Why Aren’t There More Women Futurists?’ Rose Eveleth, July 31

2015 Interview for Tea After Twelve (re:publica, Berlin)

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Selected Talks and Performances

Restor(y)ing Resource
Future Everything 2016

April 1  

‘Open Access Business Models: innovation, invention and intervention in publishing’
The Fourth Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest
National Law University, Delhi
December 2015

‘Sexing the Smart City’
Digital Economy 2015 – Delivering the Urban Digital Promise
Institution for Engineering and Technology, Imperial College
December 2015

‘Media, Mars and Metamorphosis: A Manifesto’
Literary Kitchen Festival (opening talk)
October 2015

‘Masculinism and Smart Media’
Centre for Digital Cultures
Leuphana University
July 2015

‘Technofeminism Now’

Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2015

‘Sex, Lies and Smart Cities’
Future City
May 2015

‘Recoding Smart’
Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Pennsylvania
April 2015
‘Ubiquitous Women: everywhere, everyware and everywear’
and ‘Life After Life After New Media’
Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies
University of McGill
March 2015

‘Media Always and Everywhere: A Cosmic Approach’
Archival Bias: Constructing, Coding and Curating Crowdsourced Archives
University of Copenhagen
March 2015
‘Life After Life After New Media’
Oxford Internet Institute and Ruskin College of Art
Oxford University
February 2015
‘Sexing the Smart City’
Transmediale Festival – Capture All
January 2015
‘The Age of You: should individual customers drive innovation?’
Institute of Ideas
JLR (Jaguar Land Rover)
January 2015